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We can help our clients find the best loans with our expert knowledge of the markets, partnerships with financial institutions and unmatched client service combined. Everything our clients need will be handled by us.

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Clients only considering banks that they’ve always been with is among the common mistakes that have been committed by several individuals, without the knowledge that there are other financial services with much more value that are better suited for their needs. That’s why we’ll do our best to understand your financial situation and find solutions that are based to your personal needs.

We will be fully committed to you, and guide your through the entire process. We want you to get the most competitive loan that is currently available on the market and help you save money on your home or investment loans.

Why Choose Us?

We will be providing you with the most updated strategy that suits the current financial environment along with a premium service that has access to all the loan options available to you. It is our responsibility to find you the most competitive and valuable loan options that are currently available in the market. You’ll be kept up-to-date if better solutions become available in the next 12 to 24 months and provide you with the best options on how you can best take advantage of any new opportunity, in an ever-changing market.

One of the things that we are proud of is our openness and authenticity, and we want to choose the right loan for you and your family. We always make sure that you have a unique experience by getting to know you and working with you one on one.

We make ourselves constantly available so our clients can reach out to us any time, so that we can cater to your needs, and provide answers to any questions that you may have. We treat our clients as part of one big family, creating a long-lasting relationship that is not purely built on a ‘transaction’.

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You don’t need to ask yourself “Who is the best mortgage broker near me” anymore.

Mortgage Brokers Reservoir is a reliable and honest company, equipped with enough experience to handle your financial needs. We want to be the place you go to for anything that is related to your home loans and other financial services, and we will look after everything for you. We will always back you up, support you, and work with you to achieve your long term goals.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

We offer a full range of financial services

Relocation loans

Refinance your home loan

There is no need to do any more search if you are looking into refinancing. We will explain to you how the process works and the benefits of refinancing your loan with us.

You have nothing to lose in the long run, and we will look after everything! 


Reasons to REFINANCE

With Mortgage Brokers Reservoir, refinancing is easy. Our online process has been simplified and streamlined to make sure your application goes through the channel fast.

We will compare your current loan and other available options and give you updated if we find a similar loan product with lower interest rates.

Upcoming projects or investments that may require cash flow may be funded using an existing equity. You may also have properties on-hand that may be of help, so we will also run checks on your portfolio to understand how much equity we can utilise.

We will help you understand and look into your debts such as your personal and credit card loans and combine them into your mortgage keeping everything simple and easy.

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1. Call us or fill in the form

For us to know how we can best be of service to you we will do our best to get to know you more, and understand you on a deeper level. We will discuss with you about your current financial status, ask you some questions and help find the best plan that will help you achieve your financial goal. We will be providing you with services that are completely suited to meet your needs.

We take pleasure in educating our clients, and breaking down how the process and the markets work, and an overview of the current financial environment. You will learn about loan instruments and how they work, along with the effects of each loan product on your finances. For us, it is important and valuable that you be equipped with basic knowledge, even if it is just an explanation of how interest rates work, or the difference between ‘interest only’ and ‘principal and interest’ loans.

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2. arranging a pre-approved loan

After having full understanding of your financial status, goals, and other preferences, we’ll then formulate and outline the strategy that will best suit your needs. One of the best ways to ease your mind is to look into making an investment purchase such as a new home or arranging a pre-approved loan. You can have a clear view of you spending limits, and the chance to make an offer for any property that you’re interested in. The process for the pre-approved loan is going to be quick, and will allow you to look around sooner, without having to lose time.

We’ll provide to our clients an A-Z breakdown explaining to them what everything entails, such as interest rates, monthly repayment coast, and other alternatives to consider. You’ll be taught about ‘fixed’ and ‘variable’ interest rates, the difference between the packaged deals available compared to a simple loan offering. We will discuss with you your long-term goals, so we will talk to you about different banks that you should partner with, especially if you’re a keen property investor together with the possible advantages and disadvantages, their capabilities, and whether or not they will allow you to borrow more. Only looking into banks that provide the lowest interest rate is among the common mistakes for some because they don’t consider the lending capability of a bank in the long run. There are also banks that aren’t as willing to give you leverage and allow you to borrow more, so it’s always important to consider all the options available.

3. We will then help get your loan approved and settled, while you don't have to do a thing.

We will be communicating with the bank on your behalf upon the approval of your loan and the requisite documents has been received. It will then take around 1-2 weeks to finalise the settlement, so we’ll keep you updated.

We will not just leave after the settlement of your loan, we will be looking after you and answer whatever questions that you may have in the duration of the loan’s life. We will conduct a yearly review of your loan and make sure that you’re receiving the best loan package available. We will be comparing with other lenders, as well as negotiate with your current lender on your behalf, and to see if we can secure a lower rate for your loan package, or seek to refinance with another institution, one where you are clearly in a better position.

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Home loans

Our team at Mortgage Brokers Reservoir are industry experts when it comes to educating our clients, providing them guidance on how to find the best home loan package. We understand how stressful the process involving the purchase of a property, you can also choose the best financing options, choose the right location, the best financing options, fill-up paperwork, and all these will obviously take too much of your time.

For first time home buyers, the entire process may seem daunting, but Mortgage Brokers Reservoir will be making sure that you have found the right home loan. We will have a better understanding of which value package best suit you by assessing your current financial status and financial goals. You will be given the ability to enter into contract negotiations for the property you want to purchase through a pre-approval. We will be with you to guide you throughout, and complete the entire loan application process for you. You will be kept updated of the whole process, from beginning to end.

As first time home buyers, you will be guided throughout the qualification process, and facilitate your application for the First Home Owner Grant of the federal government.

Investment loans

Reservoir Mortgage is very knowledgeable about the best deals that are currently being offered in the market, but if you’re looking into an Investment Property Loan we can help you find the best loan package. After discussion of which loan structure is more appropriate, a plan to reduce potential lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) for your investment strategy and expected returns will be employed.

We will be there to help review your entire property portfolio, to ensure that you are receiving the best deals available, and negotiate with the banks on your behalf. We will help you identify the most competitive and the most value for money loan products to choose from a selection of available lenders. You will be provided assistance in the management of your deadline, you property valuations and also your settlement dates.

And best of all, these will be given to you completely free of any costs.

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Renovation loans

Renovating your home is not exactly cheap, especially for properties requiring a lot of structural work, because you will ultimately need a lot of additional capital. Despite having several options to help you fund these activities, it’s also important to consider, and ensure that you have enough cash flow on-hand for all of your financial obligations.

There are different options that you can choose from, mainly involving either paying out of your own pocket with the use of your own saving, or the utilisation of an equity if you have built-up enough from your existing property.

Construction loans

Building your own home or investment property is always an exciting prospect. But it is complicated by the fact that you have to manage the building costs and expenses, together with the construction costs. A construction loan can easily finance your home construction costs, but it might be presented with some difficulties when securing one.

A construction loan can offer you flexibility with regards to constructions that have special conditions. Your loans could either be drawn out either in chunks or what you may call as the ‘progressive draw downs’, or on an instalment basis, with payments being received at different stages of your construction project. Most people would prefer this kind of method because not all the cash will be needed up front, which will be construed by the financial institutions. This means that you will only pay interest on the amounts that you have drawn.

construction loans reservoir
commercial loan reservoir

Commercial loans

Commercial financing is an option that was made available by a variety of lenders as well as financial institution because you capital funding ventures would require a working capital.

We’ll have our Finance Brokers at Reservoir help you realise your investment strategy to source out the right type of borrowed capital to meet your needs. Our team will source out the best value debt to fund your next business venture or project, be it short term or long term commercial finance.

Car loans

Our goal at Mortgage Brokers Reservoir is to provide you with assistance in sourcing the best valued car loan for the purchase of your dream vehicle, and ease your cash flow without having to front the cash, all at once. Notwithstanding, it is also a way to help you plan out your monthly expenses.

You can trust us to find the right lender and loan package for you, to plan out a strategy that will meet your needs, and have you behind the wheels of your dream car in no time.

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Approved Reservoir Mortgage Brokerage Service

Mortgage Brokers Reservoir is very committed in providing you guidance all throughout the entire process. We will do all the hard work for you, from the delivery of an end to end solution, to sourcing out the right loan product, and helping you achieve your long-term financial goals. Our topmost priority is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with you experience, and meet every requirement to the highest standard. We want to help our clients and educate them is among the things that we do best. We offer to you years of experience in careful construction of the right financial strategy that is uniquely your own, and to meet your financial needs and requirements. Starting from scratch, we will work with you to carefully plan and procure the right loan strategy that best suits you.

We’ll continuously be in contact with you even after the approval of your loan, and be there with you with every step of the way. We’ll conduct a review of everything regularly and reconnect with you if there is a need to strategise. It’s important that you talk to a qualified and licensed professional because they can help you access and provide you with the best and amazing deals on the market. The paperwork will be efficiently and seamlessly filled out on your behalf. It’s a completely win-win situation for our clients.

You can trust that we will put everything together on your behalf, so you can focus your time and energy on others tasks without having to worry.

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We’re here to relieve you from the headaches and stress brought about by making financial decisions. Our job is to take the stress off your shoulder, which is the reason why we’re here, to make sure that you’re receiving the best financial services and value available in the market. So allow us to look after you and your needs.

Providing our clients with the best customer service and deliver to them the highest quality of work is our top priority. We will listen to you, and deliver to you what you need, with a complete and transparent service, keeping you up to date every step of the way, and leaving you behind with the knowledge and assurance that you are well-looked after.

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